Hospitals and Health Systems

Maximize reimbursements and cut costs while delivering high quality care and positive experiences to patients

Atlas is the only revenue cycle partner to offer unified eligibility and enrollment services for public programs like Medicaid, internal programs administered in-house, and private aid programs like DBAFs, PAPs, and drug re-stocking.


Atlas Admin

Administer your financial aid program (HFA, charity care). Includes omnichannel messaging, automated eligibility determinations, branded digital applications, workflow automation, policy enforcement, fund disbursement, audit protection, and compliance/productivity reporting.

Atlas Match

Automate eligibility determinations across an ever-expanding list of financial aid programs

Atlas Enroll

Workflow automation and omnichannel messaging to collect missing data and authorization, automatically submit multiple applications with one click, and track enrollment status

Atlas Reimburse

Atlas patient financial advocates submit grant requests, claims, and EOBs to capture reimbursements from programs. Our PFAs handle all back office coordination between patients, programs, and billers to triage and resolve any issues.

Atlas Staff

Short-handed? Leverage Atlas financial counselors in your facility to screen and enroll eligible patients in real-time.