Financial Aid as a Service

Atlas Navigator™

Every patient. Every program. Maximize financial aid reimbursement.

Atlas Navigator enables organizations to stand up or expand a financial aid department that instantly taps into all available programs to fill coverage gaps and drive reimbursement lift. Using our always up-to-date program database, seamless EMR integrations, matching and reimbursement modeling technology, and workflow automation, our experienced financial counselors leave no stone unturned in supporting your patients and securing reimbursements. Available onsite and remote, our counselors work cases end-to-end, from activating patients to dropping claims to receiving aid awards to re-enrollments.

Unify and scale patient enrollment with a centralized platform that automates eligibility and streamlines enrollment across the following program types:

  • COBRA: Includes premium assistance for select patients
  • Government: Federal, State, and County programs
  • Philanthropic: Diagnosis Foundations, Co-Pay and Patient Assistance Programs, Community Foundations, and Procedure Specific Charities
  • HFA:  Internal programs you administer in-house

Purpose-built by financial counselors and P&L leaders, Atlas Navigator can be utilized by specialty practice areas or by entire health systems to convert bad debt and charity care to revenue and improve cost-savings–all while decreasing A/R days and improving margins across departments. Enhance patient experience and staff satisfaction, achieve higher levels of compliance, and establish a better reputation in the communities you serve with Atlas.


Automate eligibility determinations across an ever-expanding up-to-date list of financial aid programs


Workflow automation and omnichannel messaging to collect missing data and authorization from patients and clinicians, automatically submit multiple applications with one click, track enrollment status with re-enrollment triggers, system alerts and reminders so no patient gets left behind


Workflow automation and innovative interface to submit claims and orders, track status, follow up, log payments and drug awards. Efficiently manage all back office coordination between patients, programs, clinicians, and billers.

FA Automation

Administer your financial aid program (HFA, charity care). Includes omnichannel messaging, automated eligibility determinations, branded digital applications, workflow automation, policy enforcement, fund disbursement, audit protection, and compliance/productivity reporting.