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Partners first

Partners First

Be curious

Be Curious

Focus on what matters

Focus on What Matters

Our Story

My wife got a medical bill in the mail. She thought she was over-billed, but paid the entire amount anyway. Because when it comes to medical bills, whether they're right or wrong, it's on us to figure them out.

I thought – how many others are unsure, pay the bill, but can't afford it?

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Then we thought of the friends from high school and college who ask for donations on Facebook because they're diagnosed with breast cancer, leukemia, and other diseases, and need medical treatment but can't afford it or end up in debt.

We wanted to find a way to help these patients. So we spoke to the industry. We listened to doctors. We listened to billing companies. We listened to hospitals. We listened to health systems. We listened to anyone in the space who would talk to us.

We learned the only way to help patients was to help providers.

With Atlas, we've found a way to help everyone.

We help patients pay less. We help providers collect more.

And we help governments and philanthropic organizations help those in need

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