No Patient Left Behind

Revenue Cycle

Develop a Financial Navigation Center of Excellence

Solve prior authorization issues quickly and prevent denials; Enroll all patients in all available programs to fill coverage gaps, reduce uncompensated care, and grow reimbursement from external philanthropic funding sources.

  • Solve complex prior authorizations associated with specialty drug infusion therapy with Atlas Auth AI powered service
  • Activate and enroll patients in advance of covered procedures to get reimbursed without having to collect from the patient after the fact.
  • Convert outstanding accounts (including charity care and bad debt) to revenue opportunities with programs that cover dates of service up to 365 days in arrears.

Atlas has the health system case studies, technology, and subject matter expertise to improve patient experience, enrollments, and financial outcomes. Atlas Navigator with Atlas Auth.


Drive Revenue and Cost-Savings Beyond 340B

Traditionally an opportunity to secure free drug for indigent populations, the last decade has seen tremendous growth in cash programs to support a much broader set of patients. Atlas is a value-added partner to move the needle, providing a comprehensive technology and staff augmentation solution that manages philanthropic programs for specialty and retail medications end-to-end, both medical benefit and pharmacy benefit.

  • Speed up time to therapy, by solving complex prior authorizations associated with specialty drug infusions with Atlas Auth (reduced denials, improved staff satisfaction and efficiency)
  • Enroll all patients in all available programs to increase Rx capture rates, reduce drug spend, and improve medication adherence and clinical outcomes.
  • Expand from PAPs to additional programs that pay the patient copay, deductible, and co-insurance for thousands of medications.
  • Integrate with your organization’s broader medical aid efforts to help patients fill coverage gaps and access care affordably.

Atlas Navigator and Atlas Auth provide workflow automation tools specifically designed to save your team time. Because programs span 18 disease states/conditions, not just oncology, you’re in a position to solve coverage gaps holistically, increasing revenue and cash organization wide.


Automate Prior Authorization, Eligibility, Enrollment, & Reimbursement

People shouldn’t have to choose between staying healthy and putting food on the table. When it comes to oncology care and other high cost diseases/conditions, this dilemma is acutely present due to the high cost of drugs and treatment, as well as the typical duration of care. Atlas Navigator and Atlas Auth power infusion centers, oncology departments and other disease/condition teams with access and automation for billions in funding from disease-specific government programs, free drug, copay, foundations, and more.

  • Harness data, workflow, and automation to manage more patients than ever before.
  • Streamline benefits investigation, prior auth, and life science and foundation financial assistance.
  • Leverage best-in-class financial navigators who have the clinical experience, program expertise, and bedside manner to engage your patients with empathy and drive financial results.

Atlas streamlines all workflows and communication across patient access, pharmacy, and billing to optimize reimbursement from support programs. Atlas offers the opportunity to drive P&L performance while reducing financial burden for patients and their families.

Helping you deliver affordable and accessible care.