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AI-Powered Patient Advocacy Solution

Every encounter. Every prescription. Every medical financial aid program. Powered by Atlas Navigator.

Atlas Health's solution for your hospital or health system combines an always up-to-date database of 20,000+ medical financial aid programs, AI-powered matching engine, enterprise workflow automation enrollment platform and expert patient advocacy to deliver reimbursement, ensuring no patient is left behind.

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Supercharged Patient Assistance

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Medical financial aid database with over 20,000 patient assistance and social support programs. Always growing and up-to-date. AI matching engine integrates with EHR data to automatically match patient accounts and prescriptions with all program opportunities.

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Workflow automation software with pre-filled application data and integrated email, text messaging and eFax. Your dedicated staff or our empathetic, tenacious patient advocates work on behalf of your hospital or health system (onsite or remote) to ensure 100% enrollment. No patient gets left behind.

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Patient advocates submit claims and orders, track status, follow up, receive payments, drugs and log awards. All managed in one efficient, auditable system. Results are coordinated between patients, programs and all hospital and health system stakeholders, from clinical through finance.

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Robust Medical Financial Aid Database

20,000+ Philanthropic Medical Financial Aid Programs: We match your patients against the most accurate, comprehensive program database on the market.

All Programs in One Place:
One source provides all diagnosis-based assistance, co-pay, drug assistance, social support and more.

Real-Time Alerts:
Robotic process automation (RPA) sweeps all programs every minute to enroll your patients in real-time before funds are unavailable.

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Deeply Integrated With EHRs & Billing

Advanced Matching Engine: With integration between our program database and your systems, AI machine learning matches qualified patient prescriptions and encounters to every opportunity, with enrollment confidence scores and projected reimbursement.

Enrollment Automation: Intelligent bots automate enrollment forms with mapped EHR data – saving time for financial navigators, care coordinators, pharmacists, advocates and patients.

Claims and Orders: Integrated with your clearinghouse to automate back office collections – submit claims and orders, track status, log payments and shipments, allowing for efficient management and transparency.

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Optimized Advocacy Workflow

Designed By Advocates: Built with a common-sense approach to interface design – everything a patient advocate needs is where they would expect it to be – less clicks, less screens and faster load times – so the focus is on delivering for your patients.

Phone & Text Message Optimization:
Advocates connect with patients directly, wherever they are, through secure and compliant calls and text messages to collect information, consent and required documents – an easy, improved patient experience with no downloads required.

One System of Record: A centralized solution stores all external and internal medical financial aid documents, including HIPAA compliant eFax and e-signatures with programs – enhancing risk mitigation.

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Expert Patient Advocacy

End-to-End Staffing Approach: Atlas advocates expand your capacity to support more patients, enrollment seasonality and deductible resets. Empathetic and tenacious, our advocates leverage technology and program experience to delight your patients. Atlas advocates appear to patients and programs as your staff – with badges, email addresses and local phone numbers. All reputation and goodwill is retained by your hospital or health system, improving community relationships.

Technology & Hybrid Approach: Your dedicated hospital and health system staff can also use our AI-powered technology as a direct Software as a Service (SaaS) – or collaborate with Atlas advocates in a hybrid model. Atlas Health is flexible based on the ideal approach to best serve your patients and organization.

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Medical Financial Aid Ecosystem

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Medical Financial Aid Ecosystem

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Patient Assistance
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Social Support
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Charity Care

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Atlas Navigator Modules

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Patient Assistance

Match, enroll and collect with our proprietary database of programs, EHR data integration, efficient workflow automation and expert patient advocacy to deliver incremental reimbursement to your hospital or health system.

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Social Support

Enhance care coordination by matching patients with national, state and local programs which address social determinants of health – including transportation, food and lodging.

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Reduce time to therapy for patients while decreasing denials and bad debt through technology and services to manage cancer and specialty infusion prior authorizations.

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Charity Care

Workflow automation for more efficient and cost effective management of your hospital financial assistance program, including key features such as digital applications and compliant text messaging with patients.

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Technology and services to determine eligibility, automate enrollment and manage coordination of benefits to help patients without secondary insurance access a free Medicare supplement plan and uninsured patients secure state Medicaid insurance.

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Prospectively identify your patients' financial assistance needs during their registration process with technology to automate financial screening and dynamically connect all applicable stakeholders from the first patient interaction.

Atlas navigator MODELS

Partner With
Atlas Health

We offer three flexible models based on the unique needs of each hospital and health system partner:

Tech-Enabled Service Model

Atlas Health’s patient advocates work on behalf of hospitals and health systems with our AI-powered technology

Technology Model

Atlas Health’s AI-powered technology for use by hospital and health system staff (Software as a Service/SaaS)

Hybrid Model

Combination of Atlas Health’s AI-powered technology for use by hospital health system staff in collaboration with Atlas Health patient advocates

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With Atlas, your hospital and health system data is secured by using 256-bit encryption, and additional security features such as authentication, authorization and more.

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Our information security is built on industry standards to meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and TCPA.

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System & Organization Controls (SOC 2)

Independent and accredited audit firms assess Atlas’ ability to meet SOC 2 Trust Service Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity and Confidentiality.

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Our leadership team includes individuals with backgrounds in information security – experience that cultivates a security-aware culture within Atlas and provides thought leadership to hospital and health system security teams.

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