Advancing Health Equity for Cancer Patients: A Hospital & Health System Perspective

Providing opportunities for all individuals to achieve their full health and wellness potential is a top organizational goal for many hospitals and health systems, with significant commitments from leadership and finance. Unfortunately, hospitals and health systems struggle broadly to measure and manage patients’ financial distress. Furthermore, they have difficulty delivering financial assistance services to cancer patients in a way that's integrated and coordinated across the care continuum. NCI-Designated Comprehensive and other cancer centers offer a range of financial services implemented by a broad group of staff and providers. These include separate teams by treatment modality, inpatient and outpatient social workers, insurance treatment authorization, financial counselors, financial navigators, nurse navigators, physicians, advanced practice providers and care teams.

Explore this white paper for multifaceted, multidisciplinary approaches that clinical operations and cancer physician leaders can implement to address this challenge, including the impact of comprehensive, scalable patient assistance programs that reduce cancer patients’ financial burden and expand equitable access to care. Download the white paper now.

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