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Increase cash, reduce bad debt and improve outcomes through philanthropic aid

Automate patient assistance to improve access and health equity for patients while increasing operating revenue and financial performance.

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Atlas Health empowers healthcare revenue cycle teams through automation and AI-guided workflows

Comprehensive Patient Assistance Network

  • Access to the largest network of funding sources increases the chances of patient matching
  • Automatically complete enrollment forms using data from the EMR or patients themselves
  • Verify form accuracy and completion before electronically submitting them to funding sources   

AI-Driven Efficiency + Innovation

  • Utilize a proprietary matching engine that automatically finds the best programs for each patient 
  • AI-powered engine continuously scans availability of funding sources to prevent any patient from missing out due to changes or closures
  • Leverage AI-guided workflows to ensure that your team is focused on the opportunities with the highest chance of a successful award
  • Engage with AI-assist for an educational FAQ, making every Patient Advocate an expert in every funding program  

Most Efficient Patient Assistance Team

  • Balance workloads, handle escalations and manage many patient advocates with ease in real time
  • Access expert patient advocates when staffing constraints exist during peak times
  • Customize work queues the way your team works
  • Keep track of productivity and awards with the real-time dashboard

Frictionless Interoperability + Automation

  • Get up and running with Atlas within weeks: We support ETL, API, HL7, CSV (flat) file and FHIR exchange protocols 
  • Customize the platform to specific workflows and requirements
  • Engage with patients via text message, email, web chat and an integrated phone system to enable communications with key stakeholders, all in a HIPAA-compliant environment
  • Utilize post-enrollment workflows to monitor patient's funding, claims and medication orders

Benefits For Healthcare Revenue Cycle

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Increase cash, accelerate AR, offset denials

Grow your revenue without increasing patient numbers by decreasing uncompensated care, bad debt and financial write-offs, ensuring patients can manage their healthcare expenses throughout their care journey.

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Reduce administrative burden 

Simplify the patient assistance process through automation, freeing up your staff from routine tasks so they can focus on more value-driving tasks.

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Improve reputation

Enhance the way patients view your organization by improving access to care and making it more affordable, benefiting the community you serve.

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Improve outcomes

Improve health equity by making medical services more accessible to vulnerable patients, which leads to better clinical outcomes.

Client Results

Up to 30%

prevention in uncompensated care

Up to 800%

improvement in financial awards

Up to 800%

Real-time analytics quantify team output

Up to 800%

Equity remains at the forefront of care delivery

Discover Your Impact: Try Our Award Estimator 

Unlock more funding opportunities. Our award estimator uses our patent-pending matching engine to discover where patients fall through the cracks and funding opportunities are missed.

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Learn how the healthcare revenue cycle can help with health equity measures

Learn about the new health equity measures and how revenue cycle can play an important role in strategies to improve health equity.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

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“Covenant is a leader in values-based health delivery and elder care. Partnering with Atlas Health enables Covenant to provide philanthropic aid across our health system. Their solution not only aligns to our core mission, but helps us maintain our service standards, increases revenue, and reduces bad debt all at the same time."

Stephen Forney
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
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