Increase revenue, lower drug spend and enhance pharmacy productivity

Elevate your patient assistance program, transforming a tedious manual process into a streamlined operation. Leverage an enterprise-wide platform which ensures patient assistance is available for patients across all sites of care – including prescriptions. This enhances access and cost-effectiveness for those in need and enables your staff to work at the top of their license.

Atlas Health empowers pharmacy teams to scale existing patient assistance programs through automation

Comprehensive Patient Assistance Network

  • Access the largest network of funding sources including charitable assistance funds, grants, and manufacturer drug and copay programs
  • Utilize pre-populated application forms using data from electronic medical records
  • Enable auto-verification of requirements for forms and automatic submission with little to no human intervention

AI-Driven Efficiency + Innovation

  • Utilize a proprietary and predictive matching engine that automatically matches medical encounters or prescriptions to eligible patient assistance programs 
  • Continuously scan availability of funding sources with an AI-powered engine to prevent any patient from missing out due to changes or closures
  • Leverage AI-guided workflows to navigate through the enrollment process with ease
  • Engage with AI-assist for personalized assistance by not only providing detailed program information but also guiding through next steps and troubleshoots any problems

Most Efficient Patient Assistance Team

  • Utilize a prioritized and customizable work queue designed for seamless patient enrollment
  • Automatically enroll routine submissions to enable focus on unique cases and issues
  • Track both team performance and individual progress, while addressing urgent team issues and required escalations

Frictionless Interoperability + Automation

  • Get up and running with Atlas within weeks: We support ETL, API, HL7, CSV (flat) file and FHIR exchange protocols
  • Customize the platform to specific workflows and requirements
  • Engage with patients via text message, email, web chat and an integrated phone system to enable communications with key stakeholders, all in a HIPAA-compliant environment
  • Utilize post-enrollment workflows to monitor patient's funding, claims and medication orders

Benefits For Pharmacy

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Improve productivity + efficiency

Expand your patient assistance program to ensure every qualified patient is enrolled and re-enrolled.

Improve outcomes

Prevent barriers to help more patients get the care and medications they need, reducing the financial burden and improving clinical outcomes.

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Increase revenue + lower drug spend

Reduce drug spend, increase revenue for separately payable drugs and overcome patient financial hurdles to access prescriptions.

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Advance health equity

Contribute to health equity by making care and medications more accessible and affordable for vulnerable populations.

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Advance value-based care initiatives

Enhance performance metrics, reduce the total cost of care and improve clinical outcomes. 

Client Results

Up to 1000%

In efficiency
improvements through AI

Up to 800%

improvement in financial awards

Up to 800%

Decrease avoidable hospitalizations due to medication adherence

Up to 800%

Equity remains at the forefront of care delivery

Discover Your Impact: Try Our Award Estimator 

Unlock more funding opportunities. Our award estimator uses our patent-pending matching engine to discover where patients fall through the cracks and funding opportunities are missed.

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Learn how pharmacy can help with health equity measures

Learn about the new health equity measures and how pharmacy can play an important role in strategies to advance health equity.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“Our patient assistance program is a great marriage between our specialty pharmacy, infusion center oncology operations and billing teams.This drives real impact for our patients to cover their out-of-pocket costs when they have to make difficult decisions between their finances and medical care. It’s a huge help to improve patients’ lives and foster goodwill between UTMB and our community.”

Zinkeng Asonganyi, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy-Ambulatory Operations, UTMB Health
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