Prior Authorization for Cancer and Specialty Infusions

Atlas Auth

The prior authorization problem

The cancer and specialty infusion prior authorization process often delays time to therapy, frustrates patients, takes up too much staff time, and ends in denials and lost revenue.

Atlas Auth is the only prior authorization tech-enabled service designed to automate and streamline complex cancer care and other high cost specialty drugs. It takes the burden off your team, prevents denials, cuts time to therapy by 5-10 days, and is fully integrated with your EHRs and patient accounting systems for speed and team coordination.

Purpose-built for cancer and specialty infusion therapy

Solve Prior Authorization Challenges

Atlas Auth is a tech-enabled service to minimize the time to complete prior authorization cycles for cancer and other high cost drug infusions.

Atlas experts create the prior authorization, transmit, monitor, appeal, triage, and complete the process.

These Atlas prior authorization specialists use proprietary, purpose-built software designed to address the complexity of cancer and specialty therapy prior authorizations.

When Atlas Auth is used in conjunction with Atlas Navigator, you have an end-to-end reimbursement solution for cancer and specialty drugs.

  • Reduced time to therapy
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Increased prescriber and clinical staff satisfaction
  • Decreased denials and bad debt
  • One process, scaled across the enterprise for cancer and specialty infusion prior authorizations
AtlasAuth_Key Features

Key Features

Maximize financial gains and patient impact by automating prior authorization and philanthropic reimbursement.

Expert Support

  • Atlas staffs cancer and specialty drug prior authorization experts onsite and remote; they manage the patient case/prior authorization from initiation to completion, including peer-to-peer consultation in select circumstances with in-house pharmacists.


  • Direct payor connections to surface relevant policy information for each payer/drug combination
  • Matching of policy requirements with relevant data pulled from EHR
  • Auto-populated clinical pathways with mapped EHR data when possible
  • Bots automate portals and intermediary APIs to submit/receive data
  • Efax as provider to automate sending/receiving data with payors that use fax
  • Ingests external physician orders to automatically digitize and populate work queues
  • Continuous status checks trigger real-time alerts on status changes
  • Workflow escalation for medical review, peer to peer, and denials


  • Reduced time to therapy
    • Automated processes and increased accuracy decrease the amount of time to complete authorizations, so clinicians can administer treatment quickly and preserve the standard of care
  • Increased patient satisfaction
    • Increased authorization speed means patients can start treatment sooner, which is critical after being diagnosed with cancer or another serious disease.
    • Obtaining foundation funding to cover co-insurance and out-of-pocket expenses, prior to service, reduces patient stress and financial burden. In some cases it is the reason they choose to continue treatment and not give up. Patients don’t want to leave their families in debt.
  • Reduced denials and bad debt
    • Keeping up with payor policies, documenting everything, and ensuring the relevant information flows to generate clean claims downstream, ultimately results in less denials and more revenue. In addition, Atlas employs expert pharmacists that can manage peer-to-peer’s in select circumstances.