Bridging the Gap: Atlas Health and Myndshft Team Up to Break Down Administrative Walls in Healthcare

Learn how Atlas & Myndshft are addressing access and affordability of medical care and prescriptions

September 15, 2023
prior authorization patient assistance

Atlas Health and Myndshft have announced a partnership that will address access and affordability of medical care and prescriptions. The most noteworthy aspect of this partnership is the union of Atlas Health's philanthropic aid automation with Myndshft’s prior authorization technology.  

The partnership is promising for both patients and healthcare providers. Atlas and Myndshft enable providers the ability to automate benefit verification, determine payor utilization criteria and submission of prior authorizations, evaluate patient assistance opportunities, and secure patient assistance. Automating administrative tasks could potentially eliminate 70% or more of the manual effort currently required, thereby increasing staff productivity and reducing time to therapy.

By automating processes that traditionally require vast amounts of time and effort, the alliance aims to free up essential resources, enabling healthcare providers to focus on what is most important - the patients.  

Advancing health equity

Atlas and Myndshft are not just striving for efficiency; they are committed to fostering health equity. Challenges navigating prior authorization barriers and high-cost medication obstacles often deter patients from receiving necessary care and prescriptions, particularly vulnerable populations.  

Today, prior authorization relies on inefficient, manual efforts that lead to errors and too much time spent verifying requirements and duplicating work, causing delays in care. Prior authorization is the leading cause of denials, the highest cost transaction across the healthcare industry, and the most time-consuming transaction for providers. This only increases the risk of poor health outcomes and hospitalization – as almost a third of patients dealing with prior-authorization issues never pick up their medications.  

Myndshft is the only fully automated end-to-end prior authorization platform, better aiding providers in managing challenges around utilization criteria. Streamlining the prior authorization process will help patients receive the care they need faster, avoiding lapses in care that are both expensive and harmful.

And with access to Atlas’s comprehensive platform of financial assistance programs, providers will be able to easily identify, match and enroll patients in need. Both platforms work together to improve outcomes while reducing bad debt and write-offs.

Through this collaboration, prior authorization and cost barriers can be removed, connecting individuals with accessible and affordable healthcare. It will also help bridge the prevailing gap between different demographic groups.

Embarking on the road ahead

With both Atlas Health and Myndshft riding a wave of successful collaborations, this new venture creates substantial value for hospitals and healthcare providers.

Atlas Health’s expertise in linking patients to over 20,000 philanthropic aid programs and Myndshft's commitment to automate and improve the prior authorization process positions them as a formidable team to improve how healthcare is delivered.  

For patients, this collaboration might signal the end of prohibitive costs and bureaucratic delays, ushering in an era where affordable healthcare is not just a privilege for the few, but a right for all. While the journey towards fully equitable and accessible healthcare is a long one, initiatives such as this represent significant strides forward, offering a glimmer of hope and showcasing a concrete pathway towards a healthier, fairer society for all.

Check out the press release to learn more.