I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine to Keep Helping Patients Access and Afford the Care They Need

Everyone is asking, "Are you going to get the COVID vaccine?"

Shannon Lewis, Manager of Patient Advocacy
January 8, 2021
Close up of doctor giving a vaccine

Lately it seems that there is a question on everyone’s mind. I know I’ve been asked quite a few times already by family, friends, patients and other advocates: “Are you going to get the COVID vaccine?”

The COVID-19 vaccine is a long-awaited solution to a devastating problem which has plagued us for the better part of a year now. However, now that a vaccine is finally available, it’s sparked a lot of fear and questions about side effects and effectiveness.

While I’ll never claim to have all of the answers, I do know that in a 30,000-patient study, the Moderna COVID vaccine reduced the risk of Covid-19 infection by 94.5%, with efficacy consistent across various age groups (source).

Although Atlas’ team of patient advocates can work fully remotely if our customers prefer it, we also work onsite at health systems across the country.

We work alongside hospital employees at various points of the patient experience to help make sure every patient can afford and access the care they need. Often, we’re working directly with patients receiving lifesaving cancer care who can’t avoid hospital visits during the pandemic or delay treatment.

As a patient advocate, I made a commitment to support my patients in accessing and affording care. And in this pandemic, I’m dedicated to protecting these patients from COVID-19 (to the best of my ability) as I do that. I’m also a mother, wife and daughter who’ll do anything necessary to protect her family.

So today, I got the COVID-19 vaccine. I encourage all of you to do your research, understand your options, and make your decision based on what’s best for you, your patients and your loved ones.