3 Steps to a Successful Re-Enrollment Period

It's that time of year...

Shannon Lewis, Manager of Patient Advocacy
December 10, 2020
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For patient advocates across America, it’s once again the exciting and chaotic re-enrollment period! As most of you know, many assistance programs such as Merck Patient Assistance Program and the Lilly Cares Foundation set most of their enrollment expiration dates for 12/31 of every year. Because of this, November and December can be a bit of a whirlwind trying to ensure all patients are re-enrolled by the deadline. To help advocates through this process, we’ve laid out our top three tips to winning the re-enrollment season.

Get Organized
Depending on the volume of your health system, you could be re-enrolling dozens or even hundreds of patients. To ensure you’re being as efficient as possible, we recommend organizing your patients by what program they’re enrolled in and prioritizing them by the programs with the longest turnaround time for approvals. This is also beneficial for when you’re calling for status updates. If the patients are organized by program, you can save time by checking the status of all your patients for that program at once before moving to the next one.

Start Early
Some programs, like EntyvioConnect or Genentech Patient Foundation, have a relatively fast turn-around time. Others take a bit longer. Programs like Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance or Novartis Now Oncology can take a few weeks to get the patient’s application fully approved. That’s why it’s so critical to start as early as you can. The faster you can get your applications submitted, the quicker your patients will get approved. And you’ll also beat the crowds.

Document Everything
It would be impossible to remember every conversation you have with every patient, every program, every day. That’s why it’s critical to document your conversations, application submissions, and program approvals to keep up with where you are in the process for each patient. If an issue arises with an application, call the program and request information. But document the time and date you did so. That way if you must call back in a few days, you’re able to reference the last conversation. Having the information nearby to quickly reference in conversations with the program representatives will be very handy.

Atlas has the functionality to keep all patient enrollments organized, as well as provide alerts when patients are due for re-enrollment. Our electronic application and signature retrieval process has saved advocates hundreds of hours of manual work and has provided an all-in-one solution to ensuring no patient is left behind. But even without a solution like Atlas, these tips can help you get through another busy re-enrollment period.

Pro tip: Start calling your most utilized programs at the beginning of November to see if they’ve made updates to the application for the upcoming year. See if you can get an early copy and avoid delays.

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