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Good News Travels Fast

Lauren Watkins, Patient Advocate
January 21, 2022
Lauren Watkins, Patient Advocate

“A patient called me regarding his oral chemo medication. He was originally enrolled in a philanthropic medical aid program but was denied this year due to new lack of funds for prostate cancer. He informed me that he only had 10 days’ worth of medication left. After the call, I searched for new options for him in the Atlas Health database, found a free drug program for his medication and submitted an application. I called the program the next day to check on the status, and they were already in the process of approving his enrollment! The patient was absolutely over the moon. He could not have been happier. The medication was working so well for him, and he was so grateful that we were able to figure something out so quickly.

A day later, I was surprised to receive an edible arrangement from the patient with a personal note:

‘Thank you so much for advocating for me, to obtain medications that I so desperately need. It meant the world to me that you did this for me and my family when I felt I had nowhere else to turn.’

This is why I love what I do. I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to do this type of work alongside the amazing people on our team and the staff at hospitals and health systems we support – and most importantly the patients we all help together. My heart is full.”