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Helping a Family Afford Care

Amy Brewster and Courtney Wicker, Patient Advocates
August 5, 2022
Amy Brewster and Courtney Wicker, Patient Advocates

"One of our hospitals' pharmacy staff reached out to us for help with a diabetes patient who couldn’t afford his Trulicity and Eliquis treatments. Courtney used Atlas Navigator to quickly find program matches in relevant patient assistance programs to cover the costs of both drugs. I called to share the news with the patient on the hospital’s behalf, but his wife took the call. They were both patients at the same hospital for over thirty years, were on social security, and had limited retirement funds. She was hesitant at first, thinking I was asking for money. I told her this was a free patient assistance program offered by their hospital, and we were trying to help them pay for their medication with no strings attached. Once she understood, she was happy to take the call and grateful for the fantastic news.

We spoke a few times to gather all the documentation required to enroll her husband in the aid programs. On one of these calls, she asked if we could also help her find a philanthropic aid program to help pay for her hepatitis C medication, Epclusa, which had a $7,000 copay. Within five minutes, we were able to find another program match and get her enrolled. Her free medication arrived before her appointment the following week!

She couldn’t believe that medical financial aid programs like these existed and that we were able to quickly help both her and her husband reduce the serious financial stress they faced. She told me, 'You are an angel!' — that’s something I’ll truly never forget."