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Taking the Burden Off a Patient’s Shoulders

Brie Holland, Patient Advocate
September 22, 2022
Brie Holland, Patient Advocate

“I spoke to a myasthenia gravis patient this morning at our hospital who had completely stopped her Gammagard Liquid treatments due to the high out-of-pocket cost. She simply couldn’t afford the treatments and chose to forgo her medication. She suffered greatly from muscle weakness and fatigue and had difficulty speaking or chewing her food.

After talking to her about what we do and convincing her to let me try to find a patient assistance program to help her, she agreed. I ended up calling her back and letting her know we got her approved through the PAN Foundation for a $13,000 grant for her diagnosis. We were also able to secure an award as well to cover the cost of her Gammagard Liquid treatments!

We sent in our first claim this morning. She couldn’t stop crying and promised to start her treatments again. Her words were, ‘What a burden you have taken off my shoulders!’ I love what we do!”