AI-Powered Enrollment

Reduce Coverage Gaps

Explore how web crawlers, data mining, machine learning, workflow automation, and human-centered design help patients access and afford care

Medical Financial Aid Database

The most comprehensive and up-to-date database of financial aid programs that fund
medical care

Enrollment and Claims Reimbursement Automation

Our proprietary inference engine ensures successful matches in real time while our intelligent agents automate form filling, claim submissions, and award recording to reduce manual effort

Advocate and Patient Digital Experience

Powerful workflow interface designed by patient advocates for optimal usability

Medical Financial Aid Database

10,000+ Financial Aid Programs: Match patients against the most comprehensive database of medical financial aid programs

All programs in one place: From diagnosis based assistance, co-pay, drug assistance, discount cards, FLS/FTO, procedure-specific, device replacement, transplant, social services, covid-19, cobra, government, hospital financial assistance, and more

Real-time updates:  Utilize smart web crawlers to sweep all medical financial aid programs every few minutes

Enrollment and Claims Reimbursement Automation

Matching Engine:  Our AI uses adaptive algorithms and machine learning to match all patient accounts and scripts to all programs, with enrollment confidence scores and projected reimbursement

Enrollment Automation:  Once matched, we use intelligent agents to digitize and automate patient/advocate/clinician paperwork, saving advocates 10x the time and improved enrollment rates

Claims and Reimbursement:  The process is automated with an powerful yet simple interface to submit claims and orders, track status, follow up, and log payments and shipments, allowing for efficient management and transparency between patients, programs, clinicians, billers, and pharmacists.

Advocate and Patient Digital Experience

Design and Performance:  A common sense approach to design – everything an advocate needs is where they’d expect it to be – less clicks, less screens, and faster load times

Text Message Optimization:  Advocates can leverage secure and compliant text messages with patients to collect information, consent, and required documents – it’s easy, nothing for patients to downlaod

System of Record:  A centralized platform for all external and internal medical financial aid documents, including HIPAA compliant efax with programs – no more revenue leakage