Atlas Health Extends Financial Lifelines for Patients with the Launch of Atlas MAP

Integrating the largest network of funding sources with AI-driven workflows to leave no patients behind

May 29, 2024

SEATTLE, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlas Health, the industry pioneer in provider-based patient assistance automation, today announced the next evolution of its platform, Atlas MAP. Atlas MAP leverages a patent-pending AI engine to match patients to thousands of continuously growing funding sources, automates and streamlines enrollment, claims and orders submission, and secures awards for patients while maximizing patient advocate efficiency. 

"The rollout of Atlas MAP is a testament to their commitment to innovation in patient assistance. Our collaboration has always been marked by a shared dedication to improving patient care through advanced technology,” said Stephen Forney, SVP/CFO, Covenant Health. “We are confident that Atlas MAP will set a new standard, helping us to better serve our patients and strengthen our efforts in advancing health equity."

Atlas recognizes the patient assistance landscape is fragmented and can prevent patients and the entities that rely on these funds to access life-saving therapies. Atlas MAP is solving for these challenges through:

Connection to the largest network of funding sources 
Atlas MAP autonomously scans, updates and grows the Atlas network of funding sources to ensure that patients don’t miss an opportunity to access programs. Using the Atlas MAP platform yields the highest award value in the industry with the least amount of labor costs and a guaranteed 300% ROI. 

AI that learns from the experience of Patient Advocates
Atlas MAP was trained on Atlas’ years of Patient Advocacy experience and outcomes. As the operator of one of the nation’s largest patient advocate teams, Atlas MAP knows when a patient’s application for funds is going to lead to a successful award or not. Using its AI engine, Atlas MAP guides Patient Advocates through the application process, systematically acquiring the necessary documentation from patients and providers, before submitting for aid. Additionally, the platform can configure task-based work queues to drive customized workflows. Specifically, Atlas MAP orchestrates processes so that time is not wasted pursuing awards that never come.  

Patient assistance platform for managers
Atlas MAP provides a 360-degree view of all activities occurring within Patient Advocacy teams, providing real-time reporting and the ability to dynamically balance workloads, handle team escalations and manage multiple work queues across multiple locations and sites of care. Additionally, the escalation functionality allows the off-loading of Patient Advocacy tasks to Atlas at times of high volume and bandwidth constraints. 

Integration with key technology systems
Atlas MAP can be implemented via direct connectivity with EMRs and PMSs, as well as a “switch” in which the Atlas MAP matching engine is made available to any third-party application via Atlas’ Partnership Network, including billing systems, infusion center practice management and specialty pharmacy data systems. The Atlas MAP platform provides a seamless implementation process no matter how the platform is accessed. 

"Atlas Health has been an integral partner in our efforts to provide financial assistance to our patients,” said Philip Hampton, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “The launch of Atlas MAP represents a significant advancement in our shared goal of promoting health equity. We believe that this new platform will greatly increase our ability to connect patients with the financial resources they need, enhancing our impact and extending our reach."  

"The introduction of Atlas MAP marks a transformative moment for patient affordability nationwide,” said Ethan Davidoff, CEO of Atlas Health. “Never before has the power of AI been brought to bear to help Patient Advocates do their jobs with such a high level of automation. By expanding our funding source network, deepening our provider data system integrations and harnessing our patent-pending matching engine, our platform connects providers and their patients with more funding opportunities than ever before.”