Atlas Health Introduces Solution for Cancer Infusion Prior Authorizations

Atlas Auth is purpose-built to minimize time to therapy and improve patient financial experience

February 24, 2021

Atlas Health (Atlas) announced its launch of Atlas Auth, the industry’s first purpose-built prior authorization technology solution for cancer infusion therapy. The solution enables health systems to prevent denials, minimize time to therapy, and reduce financial anxiety.

Seamless integration with Atlas Navigator for a standardized and scalable solution
Atlas Auth along with Atlas Navigator provide a complete workflow for cancer reimbursement automation. Together, they enable providers to establish a standardized and scalable process across their health system for cancer infusion medical assistance to reduce care delays, minimize uncompensated care, and deliver a complete and consistent patient financial experience. Atlas Auth is available to Atlas Navigator clients and manages financial assistance for cancer therapies–whether oral, injectable or non-oncology infusion therapies–as well as 17 other disease states.

Purpose-built for cancer infusion
Prior authorization solutions exist but are general purpose designs for routine prior authorizations, and not specific for cancer infusion therapy requirements. Atlas Auth was designed around the unique requirements and challenges with cancer infusion and adds innovative prior authorization features to the workflow currently enabled in Atlas Navigator, Atlas’ flagship product and the industry’s most advanced AI-powered product for cancer reimbursement. Atlas Auth consists of prior authorization, benefits investigation, accurate out-of-pocket estimates. While Atlas Navigator provides for proactive matching, enrolling, and reimbursement from medication assistance programs.

Ethan Davidoff, founder and CEO of Atlas Health stated, “Cancer infusion patients often experience care delays because payors’ prior authorization processes require manual tasks, are overly complex, and unique. To solve this problem, we’re bringing together a unique dataset from disparate sources and applying AI models to streamline the process while better serving patients and providers.”

To learn more about Atlas Auth and the AI-powered solution for philanthropic reimbursement for inpatient/outpatient cancer care and other disease states, visit the Atlas digital booth at the ACCC virtual conference March 1-5.

About Atlas Health

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