Free, Automated Identification of Financial Aid for COVID-19 Treatment

Atlas Health helps hospitals, uninsured & underinsured patients mitigate “surprise” bills

September 24, 2020

Atlas Health, the leader in philanthropic reimbursement that empowers health systems with an end-to-end solution for enrolling patients in medical financial aid programs, adds COVID-19 financial aid programs and matching as a free service for existing and new healthcare partners seeking to solve financial challenges related to new COVID-19 coverage legislation. As health systems and underinsured or uninsured patients face reimbursement challenges related to high, unexpected medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses associated with COVID-19 treatment, this addition enables health systems to leverage Atlas Navigator’s proprietary technology to save time in identifying HRSA-eligible reimbursement claims and reduce submission errors.

The federal program is meant to cover testing and treatment for uninsured people with COVID-19, using funds from the federal coronavirus relief package. Large numbers of patients with other serious medical conditions, however, have been disqualified because COVID-19 must be the primary diagnosis. At one hospital in Miami, for example, only 60 percent of uninsured COVID-19 patients were covered under the new legislation.

“During this pandemic and beyond, Atlas Navigator offers an opportunity for health systems to reinforce their mission and support their communities,” says Ethan Davidoff, CEO and founder, Atlas. “At the same time, our solution helps hospitals to recover lost cash and inventory associated with uncompensated care, increase patient satisfaction and referrals, improve operating margins and achieve higher levels of compliance. We are helping our health system partners to remain solvent and resilient during this unprecedented public health crisis.”

Atlas has added COVID-19-related programs to its database of more than 10,000 medical financial aid programs which fund $75 billion of patient care. This solution is particularly timely given a report from the American Hospital Association (AHA) which estimates that, due to the pandemic, America’s hospitals and health systems suffered a total four-month financial impact of $202.6 billion in losses or an average of $50.7 billion per month.

Davidoff adds, “The inclusion of COVID-19 programs is critical to the current and future financial performance of hospital systems across the country. These capabilities transform a complex process of medical financial aid identification, enrollment, and reimbursement into a simple, easy-to-use workflow.”

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